Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Many Faces of Jane

After several years of not writing, I have decided to succumb to the gentle stirrings (Bertha rattling the cages of the prison I’d locked her in and screaming like a banshee) from within and start a blog.
As the author of Bertha-Size Your Life, I felt compelled at first to make it a Bertha-Blog. Similar to the one I’d done when promoting the book. Each entry would be either a full Bertha story or a synopsis of one. The thought of Bertha felt good. Even if she is ‘an imaginary friend’ she’s a good one and she’s been around for many years…she’s comfortable as a well-worn shoe…a stiletto albeit…but a shoe just the same.
And as good as that felt…it wasn’t quite a fit anymore…maybe I have a new bunion…or the sole is too worn. Anyway, I’m not promoting a book now. I’m not creating a brand, as the online marketers tout. I’m not really trying to sell anything, although if anyone would like a Bertha…they are still on Amazon and she’d love to come home with you. For once, I’m just being me and there are many sides to me. While I love writing Bertha stories, sometimes I just want to write a blip and go. Occasionally I’m in a pondering mood that doesn’t quite fit Bertha’s elaborate style.
So I have decided to begin a blog and let it be whatever it wants to be. It may be a quote…it may be a blip…or a burp…or a Bertha…or something in between…but it will be me.
I’m not promising you much of anything. Remember I’m not selling…so I don’t feel that I need to promise a daily or even a weekly addition. I’ll write as Spirit moves me and let it go from there. I’m not asking much of you either. Just stop by when you have a minute and you want to catch up. If you enjoy what you read, come often and send your friends.


  1. I don't need any promises, I'm just super excited you're writing again! YAY!

  2. This is nice Jane. I will learn things about you I didn't know. And I sense I will learn some things about me too. I'll be back here again...

  3. Jenn...I'm excited,too! Can't wait to see what it evolves into!


  4. Add me to the excitement! Your writing always speaks to me and helps me discover things about myself while digging deeper within my "think" tank. Gosh, I'm so glad you are back!