Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just for Today

I love the five principles of Reiki…think you will enjoy them as well.
Just for today:
I will not be angry
I will not worry
I will be grateful
I will work hard
I will be kind to all living things
Although these points are enough to change my life, Bertha…being Bertha…points out that the principles can be changed to whatever I need them to be. The life-changing part is “just for today”.
So when I look at my life of late it becomes:
Just for today I will do 30 minutes of yoga after work
Just for today I will write a blog
Just for today I will practice Reiki for 10 minutes
Just for today I will not eat ice cream
Okay…in the words of Meatloaf…two out of three ain’t bad.
I love that I that I don’t have to concern myself with tomorrow…it’s only for today and today feels just right.


  1. Your wisdom always makes "today" better Jane. I am so happy to see your blog and look forward to reading more.

  2. Today I will read your blog and feel better. Today I will send that card I've been meaning to mail. Today I will eat something yummy sans the guilt. And today I will read some in that book that's calling to me. Whoaaaa! I feel so good now. Thanks Jane...And tomorrow I'm gonna do TODAY again!

  3. I like your adaptions. I think I need to add some of these, too..lol.

  4. Ruth Anne,

    Thanks...I sooooo appreciate learning Reiki through you...I can tell it is changing my life, already!!!!!!!!!!!!!