Friday, October 21, 2011

Like a Bertha of Fresh Air

Most of you have figured out…if you didn’t already know…that Bertha is the character in my book…she’s also the persona of my inner self. The name came to me as a fluke when answering a friend’s question about having an empty nest. I named mine Bertha…and that was that.
A few years ago I was writing the word breath…and realized that if I rearranged the letters it would become…Bertha!
Now I thought that was about the coolest thing I’d ever seen (yes, I’ve lead a sheltered life…hang with me here)…Bertha…breath…Bertha is a breath of fresh air…how cool is that…
Wait…it gets cooler…my intention over the years has been to inspire women to heal emotionally…(Bertha’s intention is to inspire women to wear heels…she’s not having much luck with me at the moment…just saying)…
So…to make a long story longer…not long after that I heard someone say that to inspire is to take in breath…from a nursing standpoint I immediately connected the poignancy of this…breath is life…to inspire someone is to help them take in life…I liked it…
Later…being a good math student…as well as a creative type…I put 2 and 2 together and came up with…seven or eight...
To inspire—to take in Bertha…
Don’t you love it? I couldn’t have planned all that if I’d tried…although Bertha says she knew what she was doing the whole time…it just took me a while to figure her out…must be the higher math!


  1. Jane, You (and Bertha) have inspired me to take in life since I met (read) you several years ago. Don't worry about the heels, I will wear them for you! Big Love to you (both)!Edie

  2. Thank you have inspired us as well. I think that is perhaps one of the greatest things in mutually bring out the best in each other.

    Thanks for wearing the heels...I don't have the 'sole' for them anymore...LOL!

  3. I love Bertha. She always seems to be speaking directly to me. Inspired? You betcha! Heels? Ain't gonna happen, but I do love that gal.

  4.'re too have a crown...who needs heels?

  5. Well true...except when Miss Kitty wears it. I SO have "that darn cat" living in my queendom!

  6. Don't get Bertha started on the know how she feels about that! LOL!